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Delivering furniture catalogues with
cloud computing

Save time

You can easily specify a furniture catalogue from BiSemA cloud instead of waiting for DVD by mail or download for each catalogue release.

Catalog on Cloud

Instead of installing a catalogue every time, the furniture data is connected to your computer through the cloud.

Saving Money

On cloud specification services, you will save time and money.

What Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can do

BiSemA’s Cloud Specification Services

BiSemA Corporation is proud to introduce a cloud-based specification service to office furniture dealers.
BiSemA is a cloud-based office furniture specification service that created a contract specification platform for a remote and collaborative work environment that allows many users to work on one project to finish with a short period for one sales order.

Using BiSemA services, furniture dealers, architects, space planners, and property managers dealers can work in collaborative teamwork environments to design space layout and present the furniture catalogue in saving time and workforce with low subscription fees.

BiSemA delivers office furniture catalogue data with Microsoft Azure integrating with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP application to a user’s AutoCAD and Revit application to provide flexible, cost-effective, collaborative, and easy-to-use space layout specification services on the cloud.

This integration helps the user see its specification office layout workstations using Augmented Reality and Autodesk Forge. It allows for dealers for marketing tools with no additional subscription fees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

BiSemA Corporation is a cloud-based contract furniture products specification service that hosts catalogues office furniture and kitchen manufacturing companies catalogue on the cloud to for space planning that is simplifies the design, specification and order process using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

BiSemA brings together product information and detailed specifications conveniently onto one web page, making available all the information customers need to make the right decision when selecting a product and finish types. This type of cloud solution has a short learning curve, and users can be confident that they are picking the right product and the right finishes.

BiSemA uses Microsoft Azure, Dynamics 365 Business Central, and AutoCAD to make office furniture dealers’ specification services. This allows the user to select a product with configurable finishes based on the manufacturing companies data.