BiSemA SaaS Office Furniture Specification Services

Visit BiSemA’s eCommerce specification site

BiSemA’s subscription specification plans

  1. eCommerce Plan
      • BiSemA eCommerce platform office furniture catalogue specification services by selecting a product to send orders from your shopping cart.
      • The BiSemA eCommerce site uploads the manufacturing product catalogue with all its sizes and finish options on the platform.
      • Office furniture manufacturing companies receive purchase orders directly from the consumer.
      • The BiSemA eCommerce plan is free and open to the public.
  2. Standard Plan
      • Include eCommerce Plan 
      • Use your AutoCAD and get the BiSemA AutoCAD plug-in to insert product drawings from the cloud for the space layout
      • Inserting drawings into AutoCAD will update your shopping product list.
      • Access Forge online rendering tools using the portal for unlimited rendering and more features.
      • Download the ‘BiSemA-AR’ app to use augmented reality to access to upload your 3D model
  3. Advanced Plan
      • Include Standard Plan
      • Subscribe to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central  ERP and use the BiSemA plug-in
      • Your shopping car linked to Business Central
      • Generate sales order
      • Utilizing Business Central operation features
  4. Enterprise Plan
      • Include Standard Plan
      • Integrate with the desired ERP application listed below for your business

BiSemA solution integrates the following ERP applications using their API