BiSemA SaaS Office Furniture Specification Services

Furniture should be treated differently than pre-defined products like books or shoes on e-commerce websites. Instead, buyers should have access to all available furniture product options and finishes, allowing them to choose what they want to purchase and order. This approach enables furniture companies to manufacture customized products that align with buyers’ preferences.

BiSemA brought the best e-commerce platform solution running on Microsoft Azure for product specification and integration to AutoCAD for space layout and Autodesk Forge for rendering and integrating to your favourites’ ERP application using the manufacturing company catalogue XML file.

  • BiSemA’s e-commerce Plan makes the entire furniture catalogue accessible to the public.
  • The Standard Plan is integrated with AutoCAD, enabling architectural design firms to access specification services akin to those offered by current contract software companies. BiSemA utilizes Autodesk’s online rendering tool, Forge, which incurs additional fees for furniture dealers.
  • The BiSemA specification platform integrates seamlessly into any ERP application.
BiSemA’s demo eCommerce specification site

BiSemA’s subscription specification plans

  1. BiSemA e-Commerce Plan
      • BiSemA e-Commerce platform office furniture catalogue specification services by selecting a product to send orders from your shopping cart.
      • The BiSemA e-Commerce site uploads the manufacturing product catalogue with all its sizes and finish options on the platform.
      • Office furniture manufacturing companies receive purchase orders directly from the consumer.
      • You can pay using your credit card
      • The BiSemA e-Commerce plan is free and open to the public.
  2. BiSemA Standard Plan
      • Include an e-Commerce Plan 
      • Use your AutoCAD and get the BiSemA AutoCAD plug-in to insert product drawings from the cloud for the space layout
      • Inserting drawings into AutoCAD will update your shopping product list.
      • Access Forge online rendering tools using the portal for unlimited rendering and more features.
      • Download the ‘BiSemA-AR’ app to use augmented reality to access to upload your 3D model
  3. BiSemA Integration to ERP Plan
      • Include Standard Plan
      • BiSemA provides a free plug-in to integrate into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
      • Integrate with the desired ERP application listed below for your business

BiSemA solution integrates the following ERP applications using their API